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beginner’s guide:

Everything you need to know to start your Pokémon journey.

ThePokémonPlace  beginner’s guide  is meant for just that a guide to get you started  in the greatest mobile game to date.

You will learn what  a Pokedex is, why it is useful, and how to use it.
Items that are available in the shop such as poke balls, incense, lucky eggs, lure modules, and egg incubators. this will also include the Upgrades which are bag upgrade and  Pokemon storage upgrade.

The Pokemon button and the eggs that you need to hatch.
Itmes you carry like Potions, revive, Incense, Poke Balls, Camera, and Egg Incubator.

You will also learn what are Poke Stops and Poke gyms.


Beginners Contents

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