Getting to level 5 tips

3 Tips for Getting to level 5

Now that you are catching Pokémon, your next objective is to get to level 5 so that you can start battling in Gyms . These 3 Tips will help you get to Level 5 as fast as possible so you can start playing the game for what it is designed for Pokémon Battles!

  • Keep Walking

Stay charged. Pokémon GO uses quite a bit of battery and resources. Stay plugged in or above 12% as much as possible. I dont’ know how many Pokémon you’ve caught, let alone “catch ‘em all,” with a dead phone.

Keeping walking. Never stop moving especially when you feel there are no more Pokémon around. Hint* there’s always Pokémon around, it’s an essential part of the game. So, have no fear where you might run out of Pokeballs you will never run out of Pokémon.
** Warning Please Play Responsibly. there have been numerous people be injured because they weren’t taken the basic precautions to stay safe. **

Catch as many Pokémon as possible. no Matter the amount of Pokémon you have you need to always be catching more. You do not always need to catch an exotic or rare Pokémon just to be good or get to Elite Status. These Pokémon gain you experience and can be transfered to the professor for 1 candy each which you will need when you start to evolve and Power up your Pokémon. Use items if necessary to to bring more Pokémon. Items like Lures and Incense will flodd the area with Pokémon.

Use these 3 simple tactics to get to Level 5 where you can start battling at your local or neighborhood Gym.