Pokemon Gyms

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Gyms are marked by large towers on your map and are typically associated with landmarks or points of interest. Once you reach level five you can start battling for control of gyms.

Gyms are important because this is where the battles take place. You and your team will aim to capture gyms by defeating other teams. Gyms that aren’t owned already show up grey on your map. Place your Pokémon here and the gym is yours. When a gym is already occupied, it will show up with the team’s colour, and you can challenge ownership by battling its occupants.

This is where building a balanced team helps. For example, Pokémon with water strength are good lined up against Pokémon with a fire strength. Conversely, fire outmuscles grass and so on, like a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Rule the gyms and you rule the game — simple.