Catching good Pokémon

Catching the good stuffScreen Shot 2016-07-15 at 5.35.01 PM
Realistically, you want a bunch of Pokémon of various types with high combat power (“CP”). The higher your own level goes, the more high powered Pokémon you will encounter. This means that if you and your friend  are staring at the same type of Pokémon and click it, each of you will probably see a Pokémon with a different “CP” count. Don’t worry you will still find plenty of weak ones at higher levels, but the potential high “CP” Pokémon gets better as you do gain levels.

There’s a strategy for Pokémon  storage and everyone’s seems to differ slightly. For Most People, it makes sense to transfer all low CP Pokémon to the Professor to earn candy for power ups and to evolve high CP. Holding on to high CP duplicates of both rare or easy to find Pokemon helps you level up and evolve more powerful Pokémon for battle .